Lynne's Big Dream Fund


pay off my student
loans by donating!

Just a dollar.
Or more if you like.
Or just a dollar.

What do I get for giving you money?

A few things, actually:

  • Every time we reach a $$ goal marker, I post a new webisode on YouTube from my web series.
  • Your first name, handwritten by me, will show on the thank you page.
  • The wonderful feeling of having given a gift! (Did you know that altruism is neurologically hard-wired into our brains to make us feel good? Check out this article from The Washington Post).
Or if you want something even more tangible, you can buy something I've made through by visiting my Etsy store.

Who designed your website?

I did! As a bored nerdy seventh grader, I taught myself HTML. I've been adding to that knowledge over the years. Taking classes while in grad school helped too.

Why don't you get a job?

Grad school is my job right now. I get paid to work 10-12 hours a week (Federal Work Study Program). School work and classes take up about 16 hours a day when I'm not busy, more when I am. Which is over 100 hours a week. Phew, I'm tired.

Can I use this as a tax write-off?

Unfortunately, no. All donations are charitable donations to an individual. I am not a non-profit organization or charitable organization and you cannot use your donation as a tax-write off.

Why do you have so much debt?

A better question is "why does education cost so much?" Or maybe "why does CalArts foot the bill on the students rather than an endowment or trustee fund?"

I chose grad school for better training, a network, and more experience, with the thought that one day down the road maybe I would teach.

Are you really that poor?

Yes and no.

"Poor" is relative. I have quite a lot given my living circumstances and the opportunities that have come my way. I am so grateful for what I have.

I do live on a budget of $1,000/month (including rent), which is about $12,000/year. The 2010 US Census states that the poverty threshold for a one person family unit in a year is $11,344. That number declares the national median and does not take into account the high-cost of living in California. Which means according to the government, I live at the poverty level.

What is your Big Dream?

My dream is that I will be a self-sustaining theatre artist without a gigantic financial burden. You can check out my about me page for thoughts on theatre, art, and costume design to see why it's important to me.

Do you expect to do nothing, while complete strangers pay off your debt?

Nope. I'm already paying about $200/month to my debt, but it's not getting me far. I need help to make it really go away for good. You can check out the progress page for the weekly update and see how much I’m contributing to my debt too.

Even if I pay $1,000/month, it will take 25 years to pay off and I will end up paying double because of interest. That's not a situation I'm looking forward too. Donate a dollar and you can help!

Why don't you consolidate your debt?

I will! In May 2012, when I graduate. All the loans will be in the government's system and I can consolidate and hopefully get a better interest rate.

What about your taxes?

As far as I am aware, gifts for tuition and medical expenses are not taxable according to this section of the IRS website. Please visit my contact page and correct me if I am wrong.

Are all the names on your thank you page handwritten?

Yes, they are. Every donor is important to me. Even if you only give a dollar. You took the time to send it to me, so I take the time to personally thank you.

What about online surcharges?

I'm footing the bill on that. PayPal charges me 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction. I only get $0.67 of single dollar donations.

WePay charges me 3.5% per donation. That's $0.035 per single dollar donation.